Like everyone else who wanders around on the internet, I’ve thought about trying a blog.  Not seriously, really.  Who has time?  But when one of my many unsuspecting guests was roped into a tour of my yard, she said, “And you don’t blog?”  And that was all it took.  Well, that and a few more weeks of procrastination.

Not that my yard is a destination.  Sure, I have hopes and successes, but also some flops and work to be done.  I also have a gaggle of kids to enjoy the successes and to help me rationalize the flops.

Most of my gardening efforts seem to be random and spontaneous.   Like collecting plants or starts in any place, without always knowing where it might go, or sometimes even what it is.  Or planting a start, only to move it three times.  Walking out the door for the mail might also lead to eating a few basil leaves, pulling a few weeds, and moving a plant along the way.  After weeks of dreaming and planning a trellis, upon finding some new materials, I built something entirely different – that day.  I have a (mental) list of completed projects, a trail of incomplete projects, and a pile of items collected for future projects.  (My poor hubby!  He’s so tolerant of his organizationally-challenged wife!)

Although my efforts are so often random, I do have some plans and goals.  Or just reasons why.  Here are a few off the top of my head:

To have nibbles for the kids.

To enjoy the relative peace and quiet.

To encourage my kids to see the diversity and beauty in nature.  To garden if they want; to just play around in it, if they don’t.  And to do a little of all this myself.

To do projects, and on the cheap.  To use free and re-purposed items whenever possible.

To enjoy growing all the things that grow in Florida, and how they grow, which is so different from our native midwest.

To be like my mother, who is just the kind of gardener I want to be.

To make a lovely place for my family.

To meet and discuss and share with other gardeners.

To just dig in the dirt.  To be free.  To rest, but never be “done”.  To enjoy God’s blessings all around us.  Oh, there are probably a thousand reasons to garden, and I probably agree with them all.  If I stick with this blogging thing, I’m sure to come up with a bunch more.